Cuidado racional de los suelos y el medio ambiente

No sufra por los taponamientos en sus sistemas de riego

Mejor desarrollo de cultivos

Alta producción y eficiencia en la disponibilidad de nuestros productos

Mejor relación calidad precio en beneficio del productor

Estándares de calidad más altos en nutrición orgánica

Nourishing your dreams

Our production plant manufactures in compliance with the strictest quality standards and regulations approved by the most important organic certifying agents in Mexico and abroad, like The National Mexican Program (Organic SAGARPA), The COFEPRIS (FEDERAL PROTECCION COMMISSION AGAINST SANITARIES RISKS), The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), The National Japanese Department (JAS) and The European National Department (UE).

Our production plant has all the necessary certifications by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). We are ready to manufacture it for worldwide use.

ISM Biofértil NPK

ISM Biofértil NPK

This product is a source of organic nutrition for your crops. It has a balanced content of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, amino acids and Potassium, as well a micro-minerals and energy.

ISM Biofértil K

ISM Biofértil K

This product is a complete source of organic matter and potassium. It effectively replaces this last nutrient in the fertilisation.

Benefits of using ISM Organic Fertilizers

Protect your soil and the environment from chemicals.

For your benefit, we offer you the best Quality/Price option.

Increase the healthy growth of your crops.

We have the highest quality standards in the organic nutrient.

Each product has an efficient and big production.

Avoid clogging problems in your irrigation system.

We are a 100%
Mexican company

ISM AGROINSUMOS ORGÁNICOS has already more than fifteen years of experience in the agricultural field and market, with continuous improvement in our process and products.
“Thank you for placing your trust in us.”